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NLE Choppa’s love life has been a rollercoaster ride of heartbreak and growth.

From publicly declaring his love for Marissa Da’Nae and announcing their baby’s name, to sharing the devastating news of their miscarriage, and finally, announcing their split on Twitter, the rapper has been through it all.

With previous relationships and children, including his daughter Clover Plotts, NLE Choppa’s personal life has been the subject of much interest, especially given his current net worth of $3 million.

NLE Choppa Quick Facts

Full NameNLE Choppa
Nick NameChoppa
BirthdayNovember 1, 20002
Age20 years old
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, USA
EducationCordova High School
Father’s Name
Mother’s NameJamaican Mother
Height6 feet 1 inch (1.85m)
Weight75kg (165 lbs)
Shoe Size13 US
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorLight Brown
Physique (Figure)Fit
Relationship StatusSingle
Ex-GirlfriendMarissa Da’Nae
Baby MamaMariah
DaughterClover Plotts
Famous AsRapper
Net Worth$3 million
Social Media@nlechoppamusic

How old in NLE Choppa?

NLE Choppa, whose real name is Bryson Potts, was born on November 1st, 2002 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

He is currently 20 years old and of African-American ethnicity. He has a zodiac sign of Scorpio and is 6′ 1″ tall.

Choppa attended Cordova High School in Memphis, but his interest in basketball was overshadowed by his tendency to get into trouble.

In December 2018, he gained attention with his appearance in a music video titled “No Chorus pt 3,” where his opening verse and dance moves gained him a following on social media.

Potts was born to a Jamaican mother.

At the age of 14, he started rapping with his friends and released his debut song, “No Love Anthem,” at the age of 15 under the stage name “YNR Choppa.”

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NLE Choppa Girlfriend

Marissa Da’Nae, a social media influencer, and American rapper NLE Choppa went public with their relationship in 2021.

NLE Choppa with ex-girlfriend Marissa Da'Nae
NLE Choppa with ex-girlfriend Marissa Da’Nae. (Marissa/Instagram)

Prior to this, NLE Choppa was in a relationship with Mariah J, an American beautician, with whom he shares a daughter named Clover Plotts.

In December 2021, the couple announced that Marissa was expecting a baby boy in June 2022, and they planned to name him Seven Da’Shun Potts.

Unfortunately, Marissa suffered a miscarriage, and they shared the news with their followers on YouTube.

In the video, Marissa also revealed that she had suffered six previous miscarriages.

Choppa expressed his belief that struggles are given to people for a reason, to provide them with the strength to overcome them.

He also said that if God knew a person couldn’t overcome an obstacle, He would not give it to them.

Choppa believed that the experience was one of those obstacles that would provide them with strength for the future.

However, Choppa and Marissa’s relationship only saw downhill after that.

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NLE Choppa and Marissa Break Up

After the couple went through the trauma of dealing with the loss of their unborn child, another train-wreck hit their relationship.

They broke up.

On September 12th, 2022, NLE Choppa announced on Twitter that he is single and acknowledged that he has some growing to do before he is ready for a relationship.

He also shared a couple of tweets about his personal struggles, including spiritual battles that he is fighting.

It seems that he is confident in his decision to end the relationship, as he believes it is necessary for his growth.

While NLE Choppa has talked about the break-up maturely, it appears that Marissa Da’Nae is having a harder time coming to terms with the end of their relationship.

Marissa Was Not Having It

Three days after Choppa’s break up Tweet, Marissa went live on Instagram and opened up about how she has been struggling to cope with the breakup with NLE Choppa.

She couldn’t control her tears while sharing how difficult of a time she was having because of the split.

Marissa revealed that she was having difficulty sleeping and eating since the split and that the current reality is very different from what she had just a week ago.

Furthermore, Marissa also revealed that she received negative comments after expressing her feelings of hurt.

However, she dismissed these comments, saying that Choppa loves her and that she’s not affected by the negative remarks.

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Choppa Responded To Marissa’s Tears

On YouTube, NLE Choppa released a 37-minute-long video titled “Clearing the Air,” in which he took responsibility for the breakup and spoke highly of Marissa Da’Nae.

Choppa, like a real gentleman, expressed that he was grateful for the time he spent with Marissa, calling it the best relationship he ever had.

Furthermore, Choppa praised her as the “sweetest, kindest person” he ever met, and stated that he had to take time to focus on his growth and personal development.

The rapper also admitted that he had made some mistakes and apologized for any wrong he did while in a relationship with Marissa, vowing that he was working on becoming a better person.

He ended the video by urging his fans and followers to send love and positivity to Marissa during this tough time.

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NLE Choppa’s Baby Mama

In 2019, NLE Choppa was in a relationship with a girl named Mariah.

NLE Choppa with his baby mama Mariah
NLE Choppa with his baby mama Mariah. (NLE/Instagram)

They appeared to be a happy couple and even got tattoos to express their love for each other. NLE even dedicated his love song “Forever” to Mariah.

However, their relationship didn’t last long, and they broke up after less than a year.

Mariah was already pregnant at the time of their breakup, and she gave birth to a baby girl.

NLE Choppa Became a Father Amid Drama

Choppa’s first baby, a daughter was born in June 20th, 2020. Her name is Clover Plotts and she is 3 years old.

NLE Choppa with his daughter Clover Plotts
NLE Choppa with his daughter Clover Plotts. (NLE/Instagram)

The breakup between Choppa and Mariah was dramatic. The fact that Mariah was pregnant with Choppa’s child made the situation more complicated.

Choppa criticized Mariah for not informing him about the pregnancy and tweeted to find out his child’s name.

He also claimed that Mariah wanted to abort the baby, which he opposed.

Choppa even alleged that Mariah prevented him from seeing his daughter and that he had fired shots at her home in anger.

Choppa said that he only wanted to see how his daughter was doing, but Mariah was making things difficult for him by not allowing him to meet his child.

He believed that it was the worst thing to prevent a parent from meeting their child.

Mariah, on the other hand, vehemently denied all allegations. Similarly, the couple might have sorted their differences as a couple week later, Choppa tweeted again and this time, apologized to Mariah for everything he said.

The rapper also stated that even though he and Mariah were not together, they were equally committed in taking care of their daughter.

Currently, Choppa’s daughter, Clover, lives with her mother, Mariah.

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NLE Choppa Is Worth $3 Million

NLE Choppa is worth $3 million as of today.

The rapper earned majority of his fortune from his career as an artist.

In February 2018, YNR Choppa (now known as NLE Choppa) released his single “No Love Anthem”. This marked the beginning of his journey in the music industry.

Similarly, later that year, in the summer of 2018, he released his debut mixtape “No Love The Takeover” under his own label, No Love Entertainment.

This mixtape showcased his unique style and flow, and gained him a significant following.

Since then, he has released several successful singles and mixtapes, including “Shotta Flow”, “Camelot”, and “Cottonwood.”

NLE Choppa is known for his energetic and aggressive rap style, and has been praised for his positive and spiritual messages in his lyrics.

He has since signed with major record labels, and continues to release chart-topping music.

From business point of view, NLE Choppa earns from social media promotions as well.

Choppa charges anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 per post on social media.

Similarly, he also has merch collection that fans love.

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